Thank You Note

It’s been quite sometime I didn’t update my blog. There is some difference in my life. Year 2007 just passed, and the date of 28 Dec 2007 I just deliver my second baby in my life. And she was excited to join us for the Happy New Year that’s why she was deliver quite early towards my due date. Welcome my second angel to my family.

Following are some thanks note for whom involve during my deliver time.

Hubby: Thank you for you as you need to wake up early morning as 4:00am to fetch me to the hospital. And you ‘re beside me and give me all the support during my deliver time.

Mother & Father-in-law: Sorry to wake you up so early on that day, as both of you need to come to my house and take care for my 1st kid. Expecially for my mother-in-law, thank you so much to cook all the delicious food during my confinement period.

Mother & Sister: Thank you for giving me all your love when you know I’m going to deliver and tell me eveything was fine. Thank you all.

Olivia (My 1st Kid): Mommy would like to say sorry to you. Because during that time mommy will not around with you few days.

And lastly, would like to thank for the doctor, midwife and the nurse who assist me during my deliver time. Thank you so much. And welcome my little one to join into my Happy Family.


A Birthday Party

One night, when my little angel came back from nursery school

O:” Mummy, Claig give the birthday card (invitation card) to Jennifer, but I don’t have the card.”

M:” Who else got the card.”

O:” Jennifer, Jeffrey, Adam…”

M:” Who don’t have?”

O:” Fern, Cheng, Me and …” she felt so sad that she didn’t have the invitation card from her friend.

At that moment, I was thingking perhaps the parents forgot my little angel. Because from the last 2 years, they did invite my little angel and I did bring her to that party.

So, the next day I went to her nursery school to fetch my little angel and I saw Claig’s father and asking the teacher how many students confrm  to go to Claig’s party. At that moment, I felt a bit of unfair for my Olivia. Because they are in the same nursery school, and past 2 years they did invite Olivia, how come this year didn’t. Perhaps, we are not rich enough to be their friend even my Olivia to his kid.

I felt upsad that got such parent do such things like only communicate or socialize among the rich parents. Maybe you will think that I’m silly, but if one day you know your friend’s party only invite the rich one but then left you out from the party how you think? A bit upsad right?

I was sad, because they treat my little angel in such way. A small kid didn’t know everything, but as a parent when you knew it how you think? I’m angry because they are materialistic and the way of their personality. I think even their kid also have the same personality as their parent.

Kids was a piece of white paper, it depends on how you colour(teach) them and how your behaviour is, they will follow as people always said: like father like son.


Following are some conversation between me and my little angel (Olivia) at KFC’s Playground, Kota Bahru Airport when she saw a twins sisters.

O: Mummy, why they looks same? (Olivia’s face looks so strange)

M: Because they are twins so they looks alike.

O: (laugh) Mommy I also want….

Kids are so innocent, sometimes talking to them will make you laugh and feel warm.

When you happy, they will share their happyness to you, when you cry they will ask:” why you cry?” then their tears will drop from their eyes and ask you: don’t cry and hug you with their little arm. It’s really warm…

Morning Talk

Morning conversation with my little angel (Olivia). M: Me (mom) O: Olivia

M: Olivia. Wake up.

Olivia still lying on the bed.

O: I don’t want to school.

M: U need to go school. 2 more days chinese new year lo. Do u know?

O: 2 more days chinese new year ah? (sound excited)

M: Yes

O: Then i can wear new cloth, sing song

M: Sing song? Why you need to sing song??

O: It’s chinese new year ma.

M: What song you sing?

O: Gong Xi Fa Chai song lo….

I laugh…

First Time with Blog

Blog…A new thing to me. Reason to have it….for fun.

Blog…Knew it from colleague and those artist but don’t know what was the purpose of having it.

Let’s blog…even this is my first time…..will try to post as much as possible….

Have fun…

Hello world!

It’s new…need some time to explore